Outtakes: Deleted Chapters

The following three chapters were part of early drafts of Teller, but were deleted or significantly changed or merged with other chapters to cut down the book’s overall length.

Chapter 11: Jack Evans.

This biography chapter originally appeared in Part I, after Virginia Hardy and before Nick White. It tells the story of Charlie’s experience writing the memoir of a 1950s-era Hollywood western film star named Jack Evans. The story involved research on western films and quick-draw techniques. It includes a portrayal of a colorful old Hollywood agent named Merle Adams and Charlie’s scary-aggressive girlfriend, Bryn Sykes, who cut her hair short “so as not to get in her way.”

Original Chapter 15: Doug Doug.

This chapter originally came at the end of Part I. In the chapter, Charlie explains why he decided to become involved in the Paul Barkley murder investigation. He recalls a bedtime story he once told his daughter Lucy and once again quotes Yeats. This chapter was replaced by the current “Chapter 15: Paul Barkley”.

Original Chapter 51.

This chapter was the final chapter of early drafts, and followed the current Chapter 48. Charlie discusses the difficulties of writing the final chapter of an autobiography