Elise: A Novel

Elise: A Novel, the second novel by Frederick Weisel, is in progress.

The novel is a fast-paced police procedural that takes place in Santa Rosa, California. It follows a team of police detectives, over the course of four days, as they try to solve the murder of young woman, whose body is found in a city park.

Several years earlier, a similar crime occurred in the same location and was never solved. In that case, 72 hours after a woman was killed, a second woman was murdered. Now, assuming it’s the same suspect, the detectives are racing to solve the crime before the killer strikes again. At the same time, as the investigation proceeds, someone tries to kill the members of the team of detectives, one by one, in an escalating series of attacks.

The lead detective is Eddie Mahler, who also appears in Teller. In this novel, Mahler is suffering from a debilitating series of migraines. The members of his team include a street-wise Hispanic, a tech expert, a tough ex-Marine, and a young woman freshly graduated from college.

Among the suspects is a possible serial killer, who may or may not be linked to the earlier murders, and a trio of very smart high-tech engineers who are addicted to Adderall and amphetamines.

The point of view continually shifts between the different members of the team as they uncover clues and two different possible killers.