Frederick Weisel has been a writer and editor for more than 30 years. He graduated from Antioch College and has an MA in Victorian Literature and History from the University of Leicester in England. His short stories were awarded an Artists Fellowship from the Massachusetts Arts and Humanities Foundation, and his articles have appeared in the Boston Globe, Washington Post, and Christian Science Monitor. He lives with his wife in Santa Rosa, California, and shares a birthday with his favorite author, Raymond Chandler.

Teller, his first novel, is part mystery, part collection of imagined memoirs. The novel is the story of a washed-up ghostwriter of celebrity autobiographies, named Charlie Teller, who gets caught up in a murder investigation and remembers the lives of the rich and famous who were the subjects of his books. Weisel’s upcoming second novel, Elise, features police detective Eddie Mahler in a fast-paced search for an Adderall-addicted killer.