Kirkus Reviews: “Biographies are as telling as clues in this smartly written debut mystery set in California wine country…These are strong stories, with thoughtful accounts of the ghostwriter’s craft and the hazards of success and failure…Weisel writes with aplomb and has solid grasp of the genre. A keen sense of redemption pervades, along with elegant echoes of Chandler and MacDonald. A sophisticated, literary whodunit that proves that lives are harder to solve than crimes.”

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Teller: A Novel is the first novel by Frederick Weisel.

Part mystery, part collection of imagined memoirs, the novel is the story of a washed-up ghostwriter of celebrity autobiographies, named Charlie Teller, who gets caught up in the investigation of a friend’s murder, and who recalls his life through his association with the subjects of his books: an aging novelist, a rock musician, a film star…

On Northern California water towers, such as the one in which Charlie Teller lived.

On weapons used in the novel.